By Samson Nano Abdullah 

Yesterday, one of most intentioned attention in Indonesia were several mass organizations which sympathized and followers of Rizieq Shihab (RS) had been done mass rallies to deny and to pressure government want to release him.

RS’s followers have targeted to held their demonstration in front of State Palace in Jakarta. RS’s followers had been cake from several cities arround Jakarta, but between them had been dispersed by security apparatus in Tangerang and Depok before they were entered to Jakarta. Dispersing RS’s followers had been done because many of them had carried traditional defend tools (clurit). Eventhough and ofcourse if several prominent figure on their YouTube channel had denied about this matters.

I think the people of Indonesia have known that pressure group movement to intervere RS’s law enforcement process is not good choice for law, morale and political education for our next youth generation. We must give positive attitude and support law enforcement to everyone, everygrouos etc who are against the law because in our lovely country we have equality before the law for every citizens and we must defend and implement it. Hopefully.

The writer is law and political process observer. ()

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